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What it comes in

Tubes, tubs, pumps, jars, cans, bottles, sprays, compacts: You name it, personal care and beauty products come in it.

How brands should package it

Structure? Doesn’t matter — much. Fewer than three in ten women are influenced by the type of packaging when choosing hair care or makeup. Despite innovations in packaging delivery formats, such as roller balls in skincare, just one quarter of women can be convinced to buy a skincare product because of its packaging.

Why it still matters

If format isn’t a big purchase decision factor in this category, then why is packaging still important?
  • Brand identifier: helps consumers quickly identify the section on shelf of their favourite brand (particularly for grab-and-go shoppers)
  • Creates a shopper moment for first-time buyers
  • Enables accurate delivery/use/application of the product to encourage repeat purchase
  • Communicates brand ethical values
  • Serves as advertisement of the brand within user peer group (either in on-the-go use or on display in the home)

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What brands can do!

> Delivery
Packaging needs to become more engaging than it currently is to stand out and drive interest. More can be made of using packaging to enhance brand experience, either by interaction with the brand after purchase or by being more attractive on shelf.
> Connect
Packaging manufacturers could make more of augmented reality technology. Packaging manufacturers could use such technology to expose buyers to tips or promotional offers.
> Engage
Scent-emitting bottles or those that use scratch-and-sniff technologies could enable people to smell what is inside the product without needing to open it, therefore preserving the quality of the product for longer by keeping it airtight.
> Ethically
Environmentally friendly packaging is one aspect of leveraging packaging for a brand’s ethical positioning.




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