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Age is just an irrelevant number … until we start fudging our birth year to get into movies or dressing young so as to hope people confuse our kids for our siblings: The age of your buyers can matter.


Consumer research is showing age-related trends on the rise, thanks in part to the maturing population and an interesting pattern of adults and young adults holding on to the freedoms they felt as children.


Look to the right to see sample areas where trends are occurring. Many brands fall outside these categories, but apply the principles behind the growth with your specific business in mind.


What Brands Can Do!

U.S. and U.K. parents want clear ingredient lists. Chinese moms and dads look for brand or product information from websites or healthcare professionals. Make the facts consumers seek easy to find.

Actual teen years mark the expansion from junior makeup into more adult cosmetics. No one wants to see their babies grow up: Cosmetic brands can use age-appropriate packaging to transition the lasses (and reassure parents they haven’t lost their little princesses to overly mature makeup just yet).

To continue growing, craft beer must be its own best advocate and expand appeal beyond Millennials. A common purchase barrier is lack of knowledge. Craft brewers need to focus on education.

While households with children continue to prepare all types of ethnic food, Hispanic food is the most popular, likely due to the ease and convenience of preparing it.

Older adults most value quality, customer service and privacy. Price competition may be less effective as they buy goods for themselves and loved ones, if the products are perceived as inferior to alternatives.


Research provided by Mintel.
Mintel is a leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence. For 40 years, Mintel has provided insight into key worldwide trends, offering exclusive data and analyses that directly impacts client success. Contact Mintel at or 312-932-0400.

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Anyone who works (with the exception of volunteers, unpaid interns and the like) can bring home the bacon — even kids, thanks to lemonade stands and lawn mowers.



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