Consumer Insight - March 2013

Where We Buy What


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Where Items Are Being Purchased
  • in brick-and-mortar stores
  • online, by PCs or a mobile device
  • off of television


What Plays into Purchasing Location
Busy consumers tend to buy items online that they don’t want to go to the store for but don’t mind waiting for shipment.
Wealthier consumers shop online more than lower income groups due to Internet access and more discretionary funds. The Internet makes niche and luxury brands easily accessible no matter where people live.
>Product Nature
The Internet allows for a level of anonymity when shopping for products that may be embarrassing to shop for in store.
Women aged 55+ and lower income groups report greater levels of discomfort in sharing personal information as well as wanting to buy from a trusted retailer as reasons for not shopping online.

What Brands Can Do!

Consider highlighting time-saving features that make shopping quick and convenient such as providing a list of past purchases so consumers can easily reorder; one-click checkout features and product recommendations based on the individual’s online purchasing habits; or reminding consumers that they are about to run out of a product by sending a personalized email with a one-click link to repurchase.
>In store
Make in-store shopping fun, interactive, social and entertaining. Retailers can encourage consumers to sample and test products and provide experts and, in some cases, services (in the case of beauty products or other applicable categories).

Research provided by Mintel.
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