consumer insight income

September 2014

Income and Spending

Mintel notes that consumer spending constitutes approximately 70 percent of GDP in the U.S., so it’s important for marketers to be aware of consumers’ financial situations and willingness to spend.

Packaging 2020: Envisioning Changes, Seeing Trends

Ramp up packaging innovation through technology as the third decade of the century approaches.

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Design Packaging with Depth

Impact consumers at shelf by putting some passion into your branding and package design.

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single parent households

August 2014

Single-Parent Households

Society continues to move away from the traditional family structure, and brands are figuring out how to continue connecting with all their consumers.

july consumer insight school aged children

July 2014

School-Aged Youth

Kids are tomorrow’s customer and influence what parents buy; many have their own spending money. Because of their TV and online interests, kids are mindful of ads and choose what they buy accordingly.

ownership consumer insight

May/June 2014


As American consumers become more optimistic about the economy and their own pocketbooks, let’s take a look at ownership of property and other assets.

consumer insight april region

April 2014


Region This month in Consumer Insight, we focus on regional trends in packaging.

consumer insight gender

March 2014


Gender This month in Consumer Insight, we focus on gender cues in packaging — and why stereotypes should not be used.

age consumer insight

January/February 2014


This month in Consumer Insight, we focus on consumer age and interesting trends in each age division.

Consumer Insight October/November 2013

October/November 2013


This month in Consumer Insight, we focus on consumer income, surprising facts about the wealthy and private-label buying

consumer insight september 2013

September 2013

Impulse and Pre-Considered Shopping

This month in Consumer Insight, we focus on impulse and planned buying and what it means for your brand.

august 2013 brand packaging consumer insight

August 2013

Communication & Information Sharing

This month in Consumer Insight, we focus on what communication, social media, and information sharing is happening concerning brands.

consumer insight gender infographic brand packaging

July 2013


This month in Consumer Insight we focus on how gender applies to packaging and product buying, and why brands should be careful in making gender claims.

region consumer insight uk

May/June 2013


This month in Consumer Insight we focus on region's influence on consumers' purchases. Turns out, everyone craves an experience.

most common online purchases info graphic

March 2013

Where We Buy What

This month in Consumer Insight we focus on buying locations where consumers buy what and the packaging those products come in. See the trends in online vs. in-store shopping.

consumer trends what makes a trend info graphic

January/February 2013

Limited Editions and Easy Open, Easily Read Packaging

This month in Consumer Insight we focus on age. Research shows who limited edition packs most appeal to and how easily opened packaging benefits buyers.



Research provided by Mintel.
Mintel is a leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence. For 40 years, Mintel has provided insight into key worldwide trends, offering exclusive data and analyses that directly impacts client success. Contact Mintel at or 312-932-0400.



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10th Annual Packaging That Sells Conference, Chicago, October 2012

Posted Date: October 29, 2013

BRANDPACKAGING’s packaging conference returned for a tenth year with a focus on a single message: Make It Matter.

11/18/14 2:00 pm EST

Perfecting Package Design with Digital Solutions

Brands know that good package design plays a significant role in the commercial success of a product. After all, customer will experience the packaging before they experience the product within. Have you explored all the possibilities when designing a new package, or do time restraints and other limitations get in the way from delivering perfection? Advances in digital printing and finishing technologies now allow brands to explore even wider ranges of design possibilities within their ever shrinking timelines.

Brand Packaging Magazine

brand packaging september 2014

September 2014

 The September 2014 issue features the latest on Standing out from the Crowd.  You can also read the issue at the Digital Editions.

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Design Gallery Volume 11

Design Gallery Volume 11 is not just a study in good design. It’s a look at how packaging can successfully demonstrate structural and graphic innovation, make strong shelf impact, meet consumer, shopper and retailer needs and support and convey the brand story

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