Brand Packaging

Tips on Entering the 2013 Design Gallery

Want to be the top package? Read on to see what we are looking to award in a package.

June 25, 2013

When I was in school, I loved going into tests prepared, but I also always wanted to do the minimal amount of studying possible. Teachers who helped you prepare for an exam by reviewing exactly what was going to be on it were the best. It took out all the guesswork and appealed to my lazy side — no sense brushing up on something you wouldn’t be tested over, right?

We just opened up submissions to our 2013 Design Gallery, our hardbound December issue. I’m going to try to be a good teacher and let you know just what we’re looking for in the entries.

It’s a rare person in our industry who doesn’t like to look at nicely designed packaging, and interesting structures delight us all. However, for this definitive brand packaging annual, we are looking for packaging that goes beyond simply looking or working nice — we will be choosing packaging that effectively uses its design and structure to tell the brand’s story and connect with the consumer.

Packaging is the only physical portrayal of a brand to a consumer, and how it’s executed speaks volumes about that brand. The best packages use every element — materials, shape, colors, graphics, messaging, etc. — to reflect on a brand’s identity and give consumers a reason to make it the brand for them.

We’ve structured the entry questions to help you provide the answers to why your packaging does these very things. We will award a trophy at Packaging That Sells to the best package, and the top packages will be featured in print and in our 360-degree gallery online.

August 31 is the last day for entering. Start your submission at If you have any questions, you know where to find me.