Brand Packaging

International Fare

October 1, 2006

Take Aim at Stains with Both Barrels
Vanish Dual Power, a pre-wash stain remover marketed by Reckitt Benckiser, is packaged in a double-chambered blow-molded bottle decorated with a full body shrink sleeve. The sleeve, from Fuji Seal Europe (, required the use of special inks to resist the aggressive product. The bottle’s two chambers are waisted in the center to provide an even grip for consumers. Twin nozzles in the closure at top are positioned so that the two liquids meet and spiral together when dispensed. The user simply squirts the product onto the stained garment where the two active ingredients fizz as they activate.
Ergonomic Closure Makes Bath-Time Fun (for Mom)
Understanding how your consumer uses your product at-home is as vital as grabbing their attention on-shelf. Ask any mom who has tried to hold a slippery child in the bath while simultaneously struggling with a shampoo bottle closure. Toward that end, Disney has incorporated a one-handed operation, ergonomic closure into its line of children’s bath products. The PopUp closure from Plastohm ( features a lever that, when depressed with the user’s thumb, flips the top open in one easy movement. The textured closure (another nod to the wet environment) is integrated into an easy-grip dual-colored and dual-textured cap for excellent aesthetics and functionality.
A Sustainable Solution
These days, sustainability is top of mind for consumers, brand owners and retailers. British retailer Marks & Spencer has introduced an innovative biocompostable sandwich carton made from certified sustainable resources. The carton combines the use of paperboard with PLA, a compostable material made from renewable resources. The package, manufactured by Nampak Cartons (, incorporates an easy-open feature that allows it to be converted into a plate to provide “eat on the go delight”. Modern graphics and a see-through window reinforce the perception of the freshness of the product.