Brand Packaging

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March 1, 2004

March 2004


Brand Packaging

Packaging That Sells

Stratching Your Brand's Elasticity

Packaging That Sells II Conference

- How Wal-Mart is Reshaping Packaging
Extending your brand into a related category can add to your core consumer base and create incremental revenue. But there are risks.
- Updating the Menu for FoodService Packs
- Maturing Tactics Give Private Label a Cachet
No longer just the ‘cheap alternative,’ store brands are signaling quality. Marketers can gain an edge by supporting retailers’strategies.
- Pringles: A Chip Off the Old Block Enhances Packaging to Drive Growth
Using existing packaging for a new product concept may lower your costs. But it can erode brand equity and confuse consumers.
- Avoid Mistakes, Maximize Equity In Converting to a Shrink Label
Start with a design brief encompassing marketing and production, working backward from the end process. Then seek guidance from vendors.
- It's No Longer Your Mom's Food Can
New shapes, labels and convenience features help bring canned foods into today’s world of market-driven packaging.
- New wave of Closures Extends Flexible's Impact
Zippers and sliders are integrating into the total package design. The advancements have implications from bulk-size bags to retort pouches.
- Weaving Character Development Into An Engaging Rand 'Story'
First understand the narrative you want playing in your shopper’s head at the shelf. Design and execution will become crystal clear.
- 10 Tips For Maximizing Your Package Redesign Dollars
Investigate your options for packaging printing and production. You can achieve striking results while controlling your costs.
- Snappy' Plastic Cereal Carton draws inspiration from 'lego' blocks
- Just Being Kids: Packaging Ideas For The 'Busy Backlash'
- Shelf Strategy Saves Time In Soup
- Special Visual Effects Portray Brand Identity
Lenticular and holographic images on packaging move beyond ‘eye candy’ for consumers to convey the brand’s special values.
- Value-Added’ Emerges In Another Light In The Dairy Case
Plastic jugs protect milk’s taste, quality from oxidation.
- Market-Driven Innovations
Backpack-friendly lunch kit adds choice for active lifestyles. Multiple decorative effects say‘forever’ on perfume packaging.
- Following Up On Developing Trends
Structural design gives bottled water an edge
- Advertising Index