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April 1, 2004

April 2004

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Packaging that sells

WAL-MART Reshapes Consumers, Retail

- WAL-MART Reshapes consumers, brands and packaging
The king retailer champions low prices. But it needs national brands to make consumers ’feel good’ about shopping its stores.
- ’COMBO’ Preservation systems deliver the ’GOLD STANDARD’ of food quality
- Packaging ’ Magic Moments’
Branding an experience isn’t enough. Identify and understand what creates the ’ahh’ for your consumer and cradle it at every ’touchpoint.’
- Grassroots Marketing Energizes an Upstart Brand
Packaging structure and graphics support the ’cooling & fueling’ benefits and stress the fruity flavor of a new line of functional foods.
- Dressing up packaging for consumer electronics
Women purchase more than half of all high-tech gadgets. Branding tactics and packaging designs shift to attract female shoppers.
- Packaging technology fosters a new product category
Oxygen-scavenging film and vacuum packaging expand sales channels for DVD-based home entertainment products.
- Assesing what consumers see
Is your package noticeable? Does it convey the right message? Solid answers require a method to measure design impact early on.
- Quirky packages keep them coming back
Customized labels and limited-run containers generate excitement and build a ’cult’
following who ’collects’ your brand.
- Insightful labeling tactocs cut through cluster in crowed categories
The label can provide the marketing difference if you know what drives consumer decisions and identify untapped niches.
- Clamshell Design Dispenses Convenient Thermal Packs
- Is ‘Good for You’ Good for Your Brand?
Think carefully before rushing to join the ’low-carb’ parade. Over time, brand identity will outweigh loyalty to a single product benefit.
- Bath Tissue key: Know purchase driver
- Market-driven Innovations
Refrigerator convenience goes to the next level with dual-function container lids. Shaped juice package supports a 'BURST OF FLAVOR'.
- Sack Bags Offer Pluses for Consumers, Retailers
- Marketing to one
- Ad Index