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September 1, 2007
Cover story
- Isn’t It Iconic?
What’s the secret to elevating your packaging to iconic status? Learn from four brands, old and new, that have struck on the magic formula.

Next + Now
- Vote Early And Often, Says Dave; Lifesaving Cans...
Aluminum art, life-saving cans and an exercise in identifying the mystery package…we bring you the trends that make you go, “hmmm”.

Kids’ Food Marketing
- Kids’ Food Marketing Slims Down
Facing growing pressure to help reverse childhood obesity, 11 food and beverage companies introduce new standards for healthier food packaging and marketing overall. What’s the potential impact on your packaging?

- Switching Off The Auto-Pilot

- Revitalized Packaging Emphasizes Quality, Value And Fun
On the crowded diaper shelves, moms have many choices and can be confused by the variety of brands. Luvs set out to stake a claim in the competitive category and used redesigned packaging to lead the initiative.
- Spalding Steps Up The Game
Sporting goods brand Spalding breathes new life into the category with a complete rebranding that initially began with basketballs. Game on.

- Talking The Talk, But Not Walking The Walk...
It’s far easier to talk about innovation than it is to actually innovate. Large CPG companies are recognizing the need for structural packaging innovation, but face many roadblocks to actually implement it.
- The Race For Consumers
Who knew that a golden anniversary in the sport of racing would present a golden opportunity for packaging? Through February 2008, dozens of brand owners are debuting a variety of Daytona 500 50th anniversary commemorative packaging that will be available exclusively at Kroger.

- Save This Box; Temptation, On Display...
Nothing new under the sun? Au contraire—we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest in paperboard packaging.

- Layers Of Security; Dispense Liquids Safely, Conveniently...
New technologies that fight counterfeiting, ensure food safety, and deliver the ultimate in convenience. The future is now.
- Gravity Helps Diamond® Launch Environmentally-Friendly Tableware
- Build New Or Renovate?
Guest columnist and laga brand consultant Brian Erdman offers advice for brand marketers thinking about innovating from the ground up. If the foundation is solid, he says, maybe all you need is a coat of fresh paint instead.

- Hunting For The High Life; Virgin Mobile Usa Redesigns...
A look at innovative new packaging from the beverage, pet food and consumer electronics sectors, including the latest from Miller Lite and Coke.

- Wine Lovers Go Green; Curvaceous Can Differentiates...

- Following Up On Developing Trends

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