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December 1, 2007
2008 Design Gallery


2008 Design Gallery

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Welcome to the fifth edition of BRANDPACKAGING's Design Gallery™, the hardbound design annual that honors the year's most innovative brand packaging.
As the deadline for the Design Gallery entry call approaches each year, there is a palpable excitement around our offices—and I'd like to think it's not just the tantalizing possibility of free samples. As we watched a record number of submissions pour in for consideration in this year's book, it became clear that our decisions would be more difficult than ever.
With mainstream recognition of packaging's critical role in the marketing mix growing, we are at an enviable place in our industry's history. It pleases me to no end to be able to report that, from where I sit, the marketing and creative teams whose work we see on the store shelves every day are raising the bar and elevating the discussion.
For this year's book, we've selected 60+ packages that push the envelope in the areas of structural innovation, visual appeal, consumer insights and utility.These packages are crafted from each of the predominant material types (rigid, flexible, metal, glass, paperboard) and represent a broad range of product categories, from food and beverage to cosmetics and personal care, to pet food, pharmaceutical and private label.
This year's book also includes a carefully selected group of global packages that reflect the degree of innovation occurring overseas. In experiencing each of these packages, it's evident that many of the same drivers and trends affecting packaging here in the United States (sustainability, most notably) are also present in Europe , Asia and South America .
The Futuristic Packaging Showcase also returns for a second year. Produced by BRANDPACKAGING magazine and unveiled in the form of 3-D prototypes at our Packaging that Sells conference each fall, these packages offer us a blue-sky glimpse at the future of packaging strategy and design.
—Jennifer Acevedo,