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November 1, 2004
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RFID-Tiny Microchips
Set to Make Big Waves

- RFID, Chips Set to Make Big Waves on Consumer Packaged Goods
At the item level, these ‘smart’tags will offer product security, merchandising benefits and brand-building opportunities.
- RFID Meets Point of Purchase

- Intelligent Food Packaging
- Innovative Package Structures Differentiate Single-Serve Drinks
Aluminum bottles keep beer colder; PET container for organic juice achieves high clarity; hot-fill PET bottle sheds its panels.
- Closure Adds ‘Flavor’ to bottled water
- Moving Package Design Concepts to Reality Better, Smarter, Faster
“Rapid Innovation” approach brings together all stakeholders at the start of package design to create consumer-validated solutions.
- Tapping the Consumer for a Better Battery Package

- Kleenex® Anti-Viral: Getting it Right the Second Time
Kleenex’s second attempt at “anti-viral” tissues makes better use of packaging to communicate its message.
- Cosmetics Brands Evolve Into Diverse Personalities
Eschewing the sole cues of glamour and style, today’s cosmetics packaging exhibits individualism, aspiration and attitude.

- Injection-molded Design Energizes Battery Packaging
- Putting a Good Face on Your Package
Characters on packaging help to personalize products.But make sure the facial expressions support your brand image and promise.
- ‘Artic Foxes and Mallard Ducks’ Which Store-Brand Design Works Best?
Each design system is appropriate. Weigh the pros and cons of both, and examine how they can fit your private-label strategy.
- Mobile Design Lab Speeds Package Development
Working with a vendor can be a long and arduous process. Here’s one approach that allows design and testing in your own backyard.

- Packaging Distinctions for Specialty vs. Mass-retail Brands
The rise of upscale products across many sales channels can create design confusion. Here are four principles to avoid this mix-up.

- New Package to Appeal Tea Drinkers

- The Battle For Hearts and Minds

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